Inch Plant Rooted Cutting
Inch Plant Rooted Cutting
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Inch Plant Rooted Cutting

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This listing is for a Inch Plant, Tradescantia fluminensisrooted cutting. These cuttings are already well rooted and will be ready to transfer to soil when you are!

Each of these cuttings will have a couple large leaves and most will have at least one smaller new leaf already starting to grow!

Inch plants are a very easy to care for houseplant. Just water them roughly once a week or when the top soil has dried out. They can handle a wide range of lighting, but, do best in bright indirect sun. (Direct sun will cause sunburn on the leaves.)

The variegated green foliage looks great hanging in a hanging basket, make sure it has room, they will get long. 

And, as always, just message or call us if you have any other questions about it!