Purple Inch Plant 4”
Purple Inch Plant 4”
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Purple Inch Plant 4”

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This listing is for a Purple Inch Plant, Tradescantia zebrina, 4” pot.

Each of these 4” plants will have 2-3 main stems that are several inches long. If you would like to make it fuller, just clip the tips off the branches and it will cause more branching. 

Inch plants are a very easy to care for houseplant. Just water them roughly once a week or when the top soil has dried out. They can handle a wide range of lighting, but, do best in bright indirect sun. (Direct sun will cause sunburn on the leaves.)

The bright purple/green foliage looks great hanging in a hanging basket or draped over a ledge somewhere in the house. 

And, as always, just message or call us if you have any other questions about it!