Spider Plant
Spider Plant
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Spider Plant

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This listing is for Spider plant in a 4” pot. 

These babies have been potted up for a while and are starting to get root-bound. So, you can either pot them up a size or leave them if you want a little plant to produce pups!

Spider plants or Airplane plants are a houseplant that is very easy to grow and great for someone just starting out with houseplants. These will probably need to be watered roughly once a week.  Make sure you use a well draining soil and container. They like to be in a room with a window, but don’t have to be real close. They will tend to grow toward light, so I would turn the plant every time you water to keep an evenly shaped plant. 

These little plants are more flowy growers, so find a cute hanging pot or plant stand to help show it off! 

And, as always, just message or call us if you have any other questions about it!